Cissi Driessen


Cissi graduated in 1991 from the University of Antwerp in interpretation and translation in French, Spanish and Greek. She also studied, lived and worked in other citis such as Strasbourg, Salamanca, Salonika and Milan.

Cissi is an autodidact in all areas and likes designing with fabrics, flowers, twigs, gems, text and photography in her house and in her garden. She uses Acryl and linen for her pictures. Her paintings (usually from 1.5 m) have a robust 4.5cm aluminum frame (3D) also with detailed colored edges. She works with different abstract styles that all feature thick lumps of paint, structure on linen and extraordinary details. On her pictures she likes using either calm, natural colours such as taupe or colorful and distinct tones. Also custom work is part of her repertoire.

Being a real child of nature, nature in general and her garden as well as all the interesting and valuable people she meets are her greatest source of inspiration.

Cissi is a satisfied and happy person who is able to intensively enjoy the small and everyday things with all their beauty everywhere. She lives her life passionately, positively and in a disarming manner that she radiates when others are around. Karma! She enjoys being socially active with her fellow men. Furthermore her interests are widely spread from technology and science of management to psychology and naturopathy. She is a real foodie, loves passionate music and dance and is fascinated by old architecture and objects such as castles, fossils, natural stone and gems.

Cissi would like to reach out to people with her paintings and beautiful combinations of colours and texture and wants to inspire them to live for the moment.