Jeannie Hoovers

Woman in Brown

Hoovers was born in 1951 in the Limburg village of Stramproy.

Jeannie has since taught herself the art of sculpture, painting and mosaics of ceramic. Her works are now sold and exhibited in galleries throughout Brabant and Limburg. Jeannie Hoovers makes clay sculptures of voluptuous women with full red lips. She usually tries to put an emphasis on the comic section. Mostly colorful busts fitted with exotic headgear, beautiful jewelry and dresses in glass mosaic. Both Spanish and African influences can be seen at the same time happy and sad figures. Jeannie Hoovers is inspired by the rich, feminine body.

Hoovers wanted to be a ballet dancer, but her father did not like this. When she was pregnant with her first son, she was looking for a fun activity. Then she discovered art, and since then she’s couldn’t stay away from it. Jeannie has attended training for autodidacts, at her first lessons she followed the well-known artist Harrie van de Boel.

Currently Jeannie Hoovers is working with many different works of art, but as the demand for her famous busts and corpulent ladies is so great that she rarely gets to do something else. This is not a problem for her because she does her job with pleasure.